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An Introduction

Welcome to Finance facts, the web site that aims to guide you through the maze that is personal finance in the UK.

We know that many people find the masses of financial terminology and numerous options available a real struggle to wade through. We hope that we can help you by running through the basics of personal finance. We'll try to explain some of those seemingly complicated terms and point you in the direction of some useful sources of further information.

If you're interested in finding out about any financial concepts, from Alternative Investments to VAT, then check out our comprehensive A to Z of Finance.

A to Z of Finance

We aim to explain everything that you need to know, without making things too complicated!

Personal Finance Facts

As you might expect, we're able to provide a considerable amount of information about personal finance and how you can deal with problems in this area.

As a starting point, you may wish to view our extensive catalogue of information about personal finances, which includes information on a wide variety of financial issues. It's free to access and provides a good introduction.