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Alternative investments

'Traditional' investments attract much attention in the media but it is worth noting that it is possible to invest wisely in alternative investments.

The scale of risk in these types of investments can certainly vary widely, often depending on your own level of expertise but they can offer many benefits, not least an "enjoyment factor" that may be hard to quantify.

Many individuals choose to purchase items that will increase in value over time, with classic examples being glassware, toys and other antiques. If you've got the knowledge, it's possible to make money by the careful trading of more recent items too (such as sports memorabilia or the growing interest in personalised car registrations.

There are plenty of possibilities out there but you should be certain that you have a good knowledge of your chosen alternative investment area before taking the plunge. Also, it's important to take into account other factors that will vary depending upon your type of investment: for example, if you're intending on collecting antique furniture, have you considered making sure that the furniture is suitably insured? Also, what about finding (and funding) enough storage space?

Buying property in the UK has become a popular way of investing money, particularly in the North of England.

Our brand new article helps to explain all about currency trading as a form of alternative investment. It's a guest article, but we think that it adds value to the information that we currently include. We hope that you'll enjoy reading it.

Did you know?

In 1994 a children's toy was sold for the princely sum of 110,000. The Teddy Girl's value was greatly increased by the fact that the history of the toy was extremely well documented.

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