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Secrets of Financial Success
By Barak Strickland, Financial Coach


Your attitude and approach to life determine most situations and results in your life. It's no different with your personal financial situation.

If you have a positive attitude and believe that you will triumph over your personal finances, then chances are very good that you will.

Imagine your bills paid in full, your savings growing to meet your future needs, and knowing where you are going with your finances. It is possible, you know.

When it comes to money matters, we all fall somewhere between two attitudes; "Investor Attitude" versus the "Consumer Attitude."

"Investor Attitude" - Someone who has clear financial objectives, works hard, and saves a portion of earnings to meet specific objectives. This person eventually becomes wealthy.

"Consumer Attitude" - A professional who has no objectives other than spending a large "deserved" income on creature comforts. When needed, this person can't come up with 5000 in cash although earning 80,000 per year.

The late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale stated: "If you think in negative terms you'll get negative results. If you think in positive terms you'll achieve positive results. Or, in three words: "Believe and Succeed."

Plan ahead, take the long-range view with your finances, you won't regret it.

Determine that you will develop and maintain a positive, long range "investor attitude" towards your personal financial situation.

Also, read positive uplifting books and listen to motivating audiotapes as often as possible.

Remember, it all starts with your attitude.

About the Author:

Are you satisfied with your current financial situation? If not, learn proven strategies to improve your financial health from Barak Strickland, Personal Financial Coach. Email him at or visit his web-site at