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Bad Debtors to be Revealed

It isn't often that a company would take this unusual step but with a growing list of subscribers who's cheques bounce, get lost in the post or who simply don't pay, new JobJobbed Limited Company Secretary Richard Webb has decided that enough is enough! is an established recruitment website used by literally thousands of candidates and employers every day and while the company provides a valued service to both those looking for work and those looking for workers, there is an increasing number of employment agencies and recruiters that do not want to pay their bills!

To set the scene more fully, the website charges a token £25 / month for unlimited job postings and recruiter access, irrespective of how often companies use the facilities and how many advertisements they place. Ongoing market research tells us that this is a very small fraction of what many of the alternative sites charge!

Company Secretary Richard Webb said “It has long been the philosophy of Job Jobbed Limited to make the site both easy to use and easy to afford although with some companies running debts up over 6 MONTHS, the decision has been made to 'name and shame' persistent offenders!”

When a client registers their company with, their details are added to a significant database which is well 'optimised' and utilised by the various internet search engines. This facility allows a company to register and get an online profile of their company with the site as well as valuable hyperlinks to their own website too, this improving their own site listings and optimisation.

For those persistent offenders that continue not to pay their subscriptions, will be creating a separate database which will be searchable online and in addition the company will be releasing a monthly list of their persistent bad debtors, publishing them in their online news section too.

“We recognise that candidates need to be able to trust their recruitment consultant absolutely, especially as they invariably have access to a person’s most personal and sensitive information via their CV” Said Webb. “Bu publishing this data a candidate can therefore make a more informed decision whether to choose to do business with these people or not, after all, if they won't pay just £25 for a service which they personally decided to select, how can they be trusted with the security and confidence of your personal details?” he added. does appreciate that there is a difference between those who cannot pay and those who will not pay and either a simple telephone call or email to them can and will resolve any possible confusion although as Richard Webb said “You would need to experience some of the disgusting threats, comments and suggestions that our staff have had thrown at them by some alleged 'professional recruiters' to understand why we have decided to take such unprecedented action.”

December 2004