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As you can imagine, there are a large number of books available on the various specialist areas of personal finance. To help you find the best personal finance books available, we've got a selected range highlighted. Simply click on the area that you need more information about and you'll be taken to a list of best-selling books, some of which have been recommended by our editorial staff and users of the website.

Alternative Investments

Collectibles: alternative investments are increasing in popularity. Here we highlight books on items that are viewed as being highly collectible.


Loans and mortgages: a range of books aimed at helping you to find the right loan or mortgage for your needs. Includes publications that will help you to wade through the associated financial terminology.


Insurance guides: books on a range of insurance issues, to help you find the best reading material for your needs.

Personal Finance

Introductions: general introductions to the world of personal finance in the UK. The range of books from The Motley Fool are regarded as a must-read by our staff.
Credit Cards: a selection of books that look at credit cards.

Running your Own Business

Self Employment: books detailing all that you need to know about what is involved in becoming self employed.
Starting Your Business: guides to starting a business of your own from scratch, with information on the rules and regulations that you'll need to know about.

Stockmarket and Shares

Shares books offering information on shares and how to go about buying them.
Stockmarket more general information on how the stockmarket works and the history of the institutions involved.