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Buildings Insurance: Additional Cover

Let’s talk about some things that may not be covered as standard. Different insurance companies will offer differing levels of cover. But, as a guide, you might wish to be aware that some areas aren’t covered as standard. In most cases, you can pay a little more in order to get them added to your buildings insurance policy.

Accidental damage

Most policies don’t insure against accidental damage as standard. They tend to be focused on what nature and third parties may do to your home. As a result, they may not cover problems that could be caused as a result of your own actions.

If you do worry about causing accidental damage to your home, then you can usually ask to have this included within your policy. But you do need to be aware that you are likely to have to pay a higher insurance premium as a result of getting this included.

Home emergencies

Have a leaking pipe in the middle of the night that’s doing damage to your home? Don’t know how to stop it? These sort of emergencies do crop up from time to time. Although damage caused by burst pipes may well be covered within the details of your existing policy, you may want immediate help.

Although it’s comforting to know that you should be able to get paid the cost of any repairs or replacements, sometimes you just need fast help to solve a problem. Given that you may struggle to get hold of suitable tradesmen (or that costs may be extremely high), you may want to take out extra cover to deal with home emergencies.

This can certainly be very useful, although it’s worth remembering that it will add to the overall cost of your policy. The good news is that it’s relatively inexpensive in many cases. One aspect to note here is that different providers will offer differing levels of support. Some are considerably better than others. As with the rest of your policy, it pays to take the time to check on exactly what is covered when it comes to home emergencies.

There will probably be clauses that limit exactly what is covered. As ever, it makes sense to know exactly what level of cover you will be receiving at the outset. You won’t want to be faced with any nasty surprises.

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