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Should you buy online?

There are plenty of comparison services on the internet right now that suggest that they can provide you with information on the very best deals when it comes to buildings insurance. But should you make use of these comparison websites?

The answer here is that they certainly can be very useful. We’ve found that they provide a handy way of narrowing down a search. So we can quickly narrow it down to look at half a dozen insurance providers, rather than looking at hundreds of separate websites.

But these sites do have their limitations. These needn’t be a problem if you’re aware of them and take them into account.

In particular, you may have noticed that some providers have taken the decision to be excluded from these comparison sites. As a result, this means that you simply won’t see them listed when you come to look for results.

If you do want to carry out a complete comparison then you’ll need to visit the websites of some of these insurers individually, or search for them in some other way (such as using the phone book).

It’s also important that you don’t confuse the concepts of cheapest and best. The cheapest building insurance policy may not be the best one for you. In particular, you’ll want to look carefully at the standard of cover that’s being offered and the excess levels. You don’t want to find out that there are unfortunate hidden surprises.

One of the temptations of using an online service is that it can allow us to quickly identify the best options. But the problem with speed, in this instance, is that it may cause us not to properly read all of the information that we need to. The small-print associated with home insurance policies – indeed, policies of any kind – is hardly exciting. We would expect that reading it might not be much fun.

But it’s also the case that thorough investigation at an early stage can help you to avoid problems (and expenses) further down the line. This is one situation where it is sometimes necessary to put up with a little bit of boredom.

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