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Buying Property in France

Buying property in France can make for a great investment - as with all investments, you'll need to think carefully about your aims before sinking any money into the project. Let's take a look at the French property market and how to go about investing in France.

Is it wise to invest in France?

This should really be one of the first things that you ask yourself. Is it the best option for you, as an individual or with others to consider, to invest your capital in France.

The answer that you give to that question will depend on your individual circumstances. It may be that your plan to buy property in France purely stems from your own wish to move there, or to have yourself a nice holiday home on the continent. Maybe you're approaching the potential investment from a different direction though and you're purely looking for a reasonable rate of return.

Whatever your reasoning behind considering a property purchase in France, it's sensible to do a large amount of preparation work and planning.

Buying a holiday home in France

If your plan is to purchase a property for use as a holiday home then you'll need to think about which region of France is best for this purpose. Geographically, France is a large and very diverse country.

We all have our own ideas about what makes the perfect holiday home. In the case of France, you have the choice between a large variety of options, including:

  • An apartment in a big metropolitan city, with Paris being an obvious choice for many

  • A Mediterranean holiday retreat. The south coast of France provides ample opportunities

  • A ski holiday location. The French Alps is an obvious location for such a purpose, with the proximity to central Europe being a draw for many investors. Don't rule out the Pyrennees though

  • A rural, country getaway

Considerations that you'll need to make when looking at potential regions and purchases will include your budget. Indeed, property prices in some French regions have increased rapidly in the past decade, partly driven by UK property speculators.

You may also wish to consider the ease with which you would be able to reach your chosen propery from the UK. Increasing numbers of cheap flights mean that France is now more accessible than ever before.