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Car Insurance Named Drivers

You can usually choose to name other drivers on your insurance policy. This can work particularly well, for example, in the case of a husband and wife. Although adding additional drivers to your policy may increase the premium (although not always), it’s likely to work out considerably cheaper than taking out two separate insurance policies.

Your named drivers will be covered in the same way as you for insurance purposes. This means that any claims that are made against the policy while they are driving will be claims against your policy. They may, as a result, have a negative impact on your no claims discount. They could also lead to higher insurance costs for you in the future.

There’s also the issue here of the increased excess levels, which particularly relate to younger drivers.

Driving other vehicles

If you take out Fully Comprehensive insurance then you will often find that you are also insured to drive other vehicles. But you need to be somewhat wary of this situation.

Fully Comprehensive insurance means that you will have a very complete level of cover when driving your own vehicle. But you won’t receive the same complete level of cover when driving other vehicles. Instead, you will usually find that your cover is, in effect, only Third Party cover when driving another vehicle.

If in doubt, always check with your insurance company before driving another car.

Car Insurance

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