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Comparing car insurance deals

These days, many people look to purchase car insurance online. That’s often a sensible choice, since you can quickly compare insurance deals online in this way. As with other insurance and financial comparison services, however, you do need to be aware that there are certain drawbacks to taking such an approach.

In particular, you may already be aware that some high-profile insurance companies refuse to provide data to the price comparison websites. What’s the impact of this for consumers? The most obvious problem is that it means that price comparison sites won’t show results based on the full range of policies that are available in the UK. So there could be some competitive car insurance deals that simply won’t ever appear if you use comparison services.

Another issue may be that comparison websites structure their results to promote particular insurers. This could be because they receive commission payments from particular insurers. It may be natural , as a result, that they should seek to promote those particular insurers more heavily.

Some price comparison websites are very transparent about taking such an approach, but others may be less forthcoming. Again, it’s something that you need to be aware of.

Finally, our experience has been that comparison websites tend to focus on showing you the cheapest car insurance policies as the best results. Although such deals may indeed represent the best results for you, it’s vital to remember that cheap is not necessarily best.

Although you’ll undoubtedly want to keep costs down, you also need to concentrate on ensuring that you have the best policy in place for your requirements. There’s very little point in purchasing the cheapest policy available if it simply won’t cover you when you actually need it.

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