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Dozy Staff Cost Money

A survey carried out by UK hotel chain Travelodge has revealed that businesses are losing millions of pounds each year as a result of workers' oversleeping.

It seems that more and more of us cannot drag ourselves away from our beds in the morning.

The findings from Travelodge show that the average UK worker is late for work by 5 minutes on at least two occasions each month. That may seem insignificant, but the firm have calculated that the cumulative effect over the course of a lifetime can have an effect on the bottom line for many businesses.

Indeed, on average, a UK worker will miss almost 3 weeks of work during their working lifetime as a result of sleeping in for just a little too long.

Amusing excuses

The survey also reveals the increasingly bizarre excuses that workers are using in order to hide their sleepy habits. 5% of workers surveyed admitted that they kept a list of excuses at the ready, with some of the more outlandish reasons for late arrival including witnessing UFOs and getting lost on the way to the workplace.

It appears that workers in Cardiff, Belfast and Nottingham are most likely to oversleep.