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From the Editor

I guess we've all made mistakes when it comes to financial planning and investment. I know that I certainly have. Over the years I've picked up a fair bit of knowledge in various aspects of personal finance - this web site is all about sharing my thoughts, helping you out with some confusing terms and pointing you in the direction of some of the experts.

The Internet has opened up the world in so many ways and now makes it much easier to get financial information than was once the case. There are so many possibilities open to's just a case of making the most of them!

I've included a Hints and Tips section that has a range of articles - many of these have an American flavour to them but I think that you'll find that all of them are useful in providing guidance.

I'll be looking to include more of the best articles around, in an effort to make sure that you have the best information at your fingertips. I hope you find it useful - if you do, don't forget to bookmark the site!

As a starting point, you may like to take a look at our Financial Glossary, which gives information on a number of concepts.

I've also recently introduced a blog where I'll be posting the latest news on the site and on finance in general. You can find out here at our UK property blog .

You may also wish to read our latest piece about financial betting, which opens up new possibilities.

Also take a look at our current feature about the richest men in the world.

The Editor.