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Finding an Independent Financial Advisor

You've probably often heard it said on the televison or seen it written in the printed media that you should always consult an independent financial advisor but have you ever wondered what that actually means or where you'd go about finding one?

A financial advisor is basically a financial professional who is well versed in a range of personal finance matters. They can advise you on any important decisions that you are about to make in your financial life, such as how to invest money in such a way as to ensure that you meet your specific needs.

A good advisor will also take the time to consider exactly what it is that you as an individual require. For instance, some people may wish to invest in high-risk investments that could lead to high profits, while others will prefer to invest more coservatively, with the aim being to slowly build an amount of money over time. It's important that a financial advisor considers your circumstances and what will best suit you.

In recent times in the UK, there has been much comment on whether some financial experts are truly 'independent'. It has become known that some consultants that described themselves as independent were in fact taking a commission based on them selling specific products.

It's important that you find the right sort of professional for your needs. While we are unable to provide a list of advisors that have been verified as being independent, we'd suggest that you take a look at as a first step.

Note: Under the FSA Act 2000, the FSA regulates all advisors. The FSA keeps a Central Register, which you can use to check up on a firm. Should you feel that you have received bad advice, all companies should have a complaints procedure of their own. Should this not solve the problem, you should approach the Ombudsman. Any mortgage advice is covered under the Mortgage Code.

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