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Investing in Stamps

Investing in stamps is a great way to bring back the stamp collecting excitement of your youth. In fact, many investors really started to look seriously at stamps as an investment opportunity as a result of seeing their collections starting to rise in value.

How you approach stamp collecting as an investment is really up to you.

Some investors see the investment as an extension of their hobby. They aim to put together specific collections that will increase in value, concentrating on buying stamps that have value on their own, or that might be able to add value as part of a larger collection.

If you like the idea of making a return from stamps but are not so keen on actually doing the collecting, then you might prefer to look at buying into stamps via a trust. If you're fortunate enough to make the right investment choice then you could get a reasonable return on your investment by taking more of a back seat.

Another alternative is to take a mixed approach. By maintaining your own collection and also looking to invest in a trust, you could have the best of both worlds.

If you are intending on running a collection yourself (and even if you plan to leave managing your investment to someone else) then you need to make sure that you have a good knowledge of the subject.

Taking an investment decision without having all of the information available is always a difficult task. As with any investment vehicle, there is no guarantee that stamp prices will rise in future years.

By making the wrong choices about which stamps to buy, how you are going to pull together your collection and where to buy stamps from, you may find that your investment does not head in the direction that you would like.

Some investors accept this risk, feeling that they can always fall back on the ownership of the stamps. You need to decide whether this approach is right for you and whether you see yourself investing in stamps.