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Useful sites Recruitment, a global investor news and research resource group of portals is pleased to announce it has added Mr. Brian Noer to the portal team as a writer, editor and research associate. Mr. Noer has worked as an Associate Analyst for Moody’s Investor Services structured finance group in London, England, and as an Editor of several trade publications (including the International Securitisation Report) for Thomson Financial Publishing, and Euromoney PLC, both in London. He has a fifteen year global career in the financial markets. does not make stock recommendations, but offers a unique information portal to investors and industry to research specific industry sectors including homeland security, renewable energy, nanotechnology, RFID, wireless and other industry sectors representing long term growth.

Mr. Noer will utilize his unique combination of research and marketing skills to develop new channels of distribution for current portal content. Additionally, moving forward, will also provide specialized research and packaged content for the industry sectors covered under its portal portfolio.

Mr. Noer states that he is, “both pleased and proud to be joining the distinguished team at I hope to increase market penetration of our company on a global scale, by providing state of the art and cutting edge market research that will be invaluable to small cap investors and indeed all market participants. The industry standard research and services available through the portals should be the first source for any global investors’ up to the minute stock information news, data, and market analysis needs.”

ECON owns the following industry sector portals:,,,,,,,,,,,,, is a top-ranked investor site on major search engines, and offers a series of industry-specific web portals used by industry leaders, institutions, government, media, brokerage firms, Fortune 500 companies, and investors to research public companies and the latest developments in various market segments.
For small start up companies, or large industry leaders, we have become a key destination. For small companies, we can make sure you get found by the industry and investors following your sector, through sponsoring our portals. For large companies, we become a valuable research tool for the industry.

Hear founder Dawn Van Zant, from every Friday at :08 and :38 after the hour for “The Business of Homeland Security” only on


ECON Investor Relations, Inc., offers clients customized, comprehensive corporate IR/PR programs, corporate strategies and industry research within specific sectors. Nothing on the site should be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any specific products or securities. All investments involve risk. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investigate before you invest. Although we attempt to research thoroughly, there are no guarantees in accuracy. We encourage all investors to use our research as a resource only, but to further their own research on all featured companies, industry research and articles featured.

November 2004