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The following is news from the leading UK financial institutions:

We profile the world's 10 largest banks.

Dozy staff are costing businesses money according to a report from Travelodge.

Norwich Union have announced plans to introduce Pay as go insurance for younger drivers, aged between 18 and 21.

Fashion brand Burberry report that global business is booming, despite slow sales in the UK.

The US economy comes under the microscope with news of a growing trade deficit for the world's largest economy.

High street retailer Dixons announce their Christmas figures, avoiding the gloom of some other outlets.

Meanwhile, Sainsburys food sales are still in decline, but their Chief Executive thinks that good times may be just around the corner.

A new finance forum has been launched, aiming to give UK residents the inside track on the world of personal finance.

Should bad debtors be revealed? That sounds like the plan of one online firm.

SmallCapReview are pleased to announce the appearance of their long-awaited Nighthawk Systems.

The expansion of Russell Bedford operations in the Italian marketplace is being reported.

A new joint equity scheme offers an interesting alternative for buy-to-let speculators.

No yawning now but we've yet more predictions on the UK housing market in 2005, which may or may not be useful! While we're on the subject, could the property market be about to rebound?

The issue of corporate governance has received plenty of column inches among the financial press in recent months. are pleased to introduce their latest recruit.

On the subject of debts, we have news on Credit Counselling.

Budget airline Flybe continued its strong performance, releasing figures for the past 12 months.

Poor customer service costs billions every year.

Prudential have announced a new form of medical insurance that will be linked to how well you look after your own health.

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