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Personal Finances

Our no-nonsense approach to financial information is all about helping when it comes to your personal financial situation. We're here to help make things easier.

Although we can't answer specific queries, we are able to offer an overview of the personal finance scene in the UK. We've included a series of articles that are designed to guide you through some of the basics.

If you still have some questions after reading the information contained here at Finance Facts then you may wish to consult an independent financial advisor (IFA). A professional advisor should be able to provide advice based upon your individual circumstances.

Financial Planning

Proper financial planning can solve a number of issues and make things considerably easier. Our articles in this category include:

Personal budgeting
Your guide to looking at your own budget. How much are you spending and how could you get your finances in order? Understanding your existing levels of income and expenditure are likely to be the first steps on this path.

Personal finance software
Are you thinking that it might be easier to automate some of the planning and budgeting process? We reckon that you can achieve plenty using Microsoft Excel, although we appreciate that you may also want to explore other options.

Financial advisers
Could a financial adviser be the answer to your problems? Getting objective advice can certainly prove useful.

Managing personal finances
Are you completely lost when it comes to managing your finances? The best course of action is often to keep things as simple as possible.

Access To Finance

There are various times in life when you may need to get access to finance. Maybe you're looking to buy a new home, or get a short-term loan? Here are some articles that are all about mortgages, loans and getting access to finance of this nature.

A large subject on its own. Our mortgage pages are dedicating to trying to keep things nice and simple.

Student loans
They always seem to be in the news and they're also a source of some confusion. We provide a detailed overview of the basics.

Personal loans
Don't know the difference between a secured loan and an unsecured loan? We're here to help, with our guide to the terminology and the various personal loans that are available.

Personal finance statements
Have you been asked to complete a personal financial statement when applying for a loan or mortgage? You should look to provide a comprehensive set of information.

Problems With Debt

Do you feel overwhelmed by your debt levels? You're not alone. Although things may seem bleak, you may be able to solve your problems more easily than you may imagine.

Struggling with credit card debt
Credit card bills can soon start eating into your finances. We take a look at why credit cards often end up costing you a lot of money and how you can save on those expensive bills.

Make The Most Of Your Money

As well as controlling the way in which you spend money, you'll undoubtedly want to make the most of the money that you do have. Our information on bank accounts and investments could be just what you're looking for.

Personal banking
Our guide to what you should be looking for in a current account. We discuss the importance of interest rates, overdraft facilities, plus other key aspects of bank accounts.

Money saving ideas
Know that you're spending too much money, but don't know how to get things under control? Our money saving tips could come to your rescue!

Advanced Personal Finances

If you're happy with the basics of personal finances then you may feel that it's time to learn more. Here are some more advanced subjects that we get asked about.

Line of credit
Often associated with the world of business, it's worth noting that the concept of a line of credit certainly does have a place when it comes to personal finances.

UK credit card debt
So how much do we owe as a country? How can we put this into some sort of context? We take a closer look at the issue of credit card debts in the UK.