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New Prudential Medical Insurance

PruHealth has today announced plans to introduce what is believed to be the first private medical insurance that links the premium that you pay to the care that you take of your own health.

The plan is part of a joint venture between the UK's Prudential and Discovery, as South African based firm that may be a new name to some UK residents.

The scheme will basically use a sliding scale to determine how well you look after yourself. The more effort that you make, the more money that you could save off your premium for the following year.

This new scheme is intriguing and many analysts are predicting that other insurance companies could follow suit.

Research carried out on behalf of PruHealth has shown that there is a large demand for this type of cover, with 69% of people who were asked saying that they would be interested in such a policy that links premiums to the efforts that you take to look after yourself.

Some social groups are less impressed and have suggested that this type of insurance policy could be unfair to poorer groups in society.