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Saving Made Simple

In the first of our articles on saving made simple we look at how you can save money while also be more environmentally aware. It's a great feeling to know that you are helping to save the planet at the same time as you try to gain a bit more cash.

It's always tricky to define how much money you can save with any saving tips but we reckon that you can certainly hope to put some money towards a substantial purchase with our environmentally friendly savings tips.

Saving money and the environment

The tips in this article are all aimed at reducing your use of natural resources by lowering your consumption of gas, water and electricity. By reducing your utilities bills you can make some significant savings - you can also feel good about yourself while you do it!

One top tip that a lot of people overlook is to remember never to leave your television on standby. This may seem like a strange thing to say - after all, leaving the TV on standby is often an easier option and you wouldn't imagine that the little red light that stays on would use much electricity.

Well. you'd be wrong! You'll be stunned by how much energy is used by leaving your television set on standby. Always remember to switch it off and you'll have made the first step in reducing your energy bills.

One significant cost around the house is from lighting. The key to cutting costs here is to remember to switch off lights that you are not actually using - for instance, when you are out of the room. Switching lights off will lead to drops in your electricity bills. Again, a simple step, but one that can save you a lot of money.

Energy Saving Lightbulbs

The great thing about energy saving lightbulbs is that, as there name suggests, they use less energy than standard lightbulbs. This means that they can help in your crusade to cut your energy bills. This may seem like a small step (indeed - it is) but adding each of the individual steps together can make the big difference that you're looking for.

Turning the thermostat down is another great way to help with saving energy and money. Most people don't notice if a thermostat is turned down by a few degrees, but you'll certainly notice when you receive your energy bills. Trying to gain from this sort of action can seem difficult at first, but encouraging members of the family to take the cheaper option of wearing a jumper can really pay dividends.

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