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The cost of car insurance

When you look for an online quote, or speak to the representative of an insurance company on the phone, you’ll find that you’re asked a large number of questions. If you’ve previously taken out a motor insurance policy then you’ll doubtless be familiar with this set of questions.

Basically, the insurance company will be trying to assess the risk that you represent to them. The higher the risk that you represent, the higher you can expect the cost of your insurance premium to be. Indeed, in some circumstances, drivers have found that particular insurers simply aren’t interested in insuring them (and refuse to do so).

Remember that you are under obligation to tell the truth when answering these questions. In fact, you may be aware that these phone calls are usually recorded. If you fail to tell the truth when questioned then you may find that this invalidates any insurance policy that you take out. This could lead to significant (and costly) problems for you at a later date.

So what sort of issues are likely to have an impact on the cost of insurance? Well, you may be surprised to find that there are more than you might think!

To begin with, you’re usually asked for your name, date of birth and address. At least two of these will immediately have an impact on the insurance quote that you receive and the premium that you’ll end up paying.

Car Insurance

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