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The Saving Mentality

If you've been reading our previous articles then you'll be aware that the key to being good at saving is to get into the saving mentality - that is to say that you need to make saving a natural habit, rather than something that you need to be constantly consciously thinking about.

How can I learn to save?

One way that you can learn to be a good saver is to attempt to save in such a way so that you don't even notice that you are saving! Sounds odd doesn't it?! What we're talking about here is saving money in a manner where you hardly notice it, meaning that you don't feel like your making an effort to save.

A good example is saving for your retirement. Although many of us realise that saving for our retirement and the whole issue of pensions is important, it's also pretty dull stuff.

The thought of making regular savings into a pension scheme is not something that is likely to set the pulse racing for many of us.

Nevertheless, it is true that the earlier you start to put money into a pension scheme, the more money that the scheme is likely to accrue for your retirement. The great thing about saving in this way is that the money is often taken from you on pay day - since it may not even be in your bank account for any length of time, you're less likely to miss out!

Do you have a loan that you're re-paying at the moment? Well, when you finish making your repayments to the lender, start paying the same amount of money into a savings account or suitable investment. You've already got used to spending that money on the loan repayments anyway, so you should hardly miss it.

Struggle to Save Money

We're not dodging the point here - saving money can be a struggle. Having said that, the techniques that we're talking about here are all aimed at assisting you to save easily. The hope is that, if you hardly notice that you are saving, it becomes much less of a chore.

We're trying to help you to build the correct mentality, helping you to become a better saver.

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