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Using discounts to save

There are a number of aspects to personal finance and to being wise about the way in which we all deal with money.

These range from looking at where we invest our money, to considering where best to hold current and savings accounts. They also, of course, concern the manner in which we spend money.

Whatever the economic outlook, many of us look to get the best possible deals when we come to spend money. This is human nature and is not surprising.

Fortunately the internet provides a good way for us all to save. Whether we make use of price comparison websites, cashback portals or UK discount code sites, there are plenty of ways in which we can save.

How do discount codes work?

Discount codes are also sometimes known as discount vouchers. You may also have seen them referred to as promotion codes, or by a number of other names.

Although the names may change, the basic concept behind them remains the same. These are about trying to help us all to save money when shopping. They are particularly used when shopping via the internet.

They are provided by retailers who hope to persuade consumers to shop online with them. They are essentially an advertising aid and a means of attempting to encourage customer retention.

In general terms, they are provided free of charge. Since this is the case, you should probably we wary of companies that try and charge you in order to access such codes.

You also need to be aware that discount codes aren't made available by all companies - keep an eye out for some sites that claim to have codes or vouchers that simply don't exist.