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What are Alternative Investments?

You may have heard the term alternative investment but not really know too much about what is involved by alternative investments. When people refer to investments of this nature, they also referring to money that is invested outside the stock market.

Why choose this type of investment?

There are plenty of reasons why investors might look to a form of alternative investment, rather than simply buying stocks and shares. The most typical reason might be if you are particularly interested in a hobby or activity and you feel that you are knowledgeable enough to make money from it.

Alternative investments could involve just about anything, so if you believe that you know plenty about subjects ranging from wine to stamp collecting then it may well be that you would be in a position to invest some capital, in the expectation of seeing your purchase rise in value in the coming years.

Some people use this type of investment opportunity as a means of learning a new area of expertise. If, for example, you feel that there is money to be made in wine or art then now might be a good time to start learning more. In general terms, a knowledgeable investor tends to be a wiser investor.

What if you don't have the expertise?

If you don't already have the expertise in place, then alternative investments do become more of a tricky business. As with the stock market, you could look for a company to manage your investment for you, but your lack of knowledge might end up being a weakness.

Let's look at the specifics

There are a wide range of alternative investment opportunities available, but we've highlighted some of the most popular choices and pulled together a quick guide on each.

Investing in wine: Wine makes a popular alternative investment, given its transferrable nature and easy trading options.

Car investments: Cars aren't everyone's idea of the perfect alternative investment opportunity but they do have thir fans.

Coins as an investment: Did you get excited about collecting coins when you were young? Have you ever thought about turning your hobby into an investment?

Investing in stamps: Stamp collecting has seen some good returns, but could stamps make sense for you?